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Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching
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Personalized Coaching

$100.00 per month

Personalized one on one coaching to help you achieve your running goals. We will help you with running your fastest local 5K to conquering your 10th ultra-marathon! What is included: goal setting session, weekly check-ins, customized training plan and racing tips.

Lindsey's Coaching Corner

"In my opinion, the keys that make Lindsey a great coach is communication and knowledge. Trust in the process and you see results. Having Lindsey as a coach also provides bonus benefits like nutrition, strength and cross-training, apparel advice, recovery, and someone to chat with if you need an ear."
Mike T
Coaching Client

Coaching Accolades

  • Certified Gait Analyst
  • Collegiate Coaching Career Began in 2018
  • Launched Personalized Coaching Service in 2019
  • 82% of all athletes coached have hit personal bests 
  • Coached over 150 athletes of all levels, ages and abilities

Personal Acheivements

  • 6-time All American Runner
  • NCAA Division 1 Cross Country Champion (team)
  • Columbia College Hall of Fame Athlete
  • State of New Mexico Hall of Fame Athlete
  • University of New Mexico Hall of Fame Athlete

Lindsey’s Tips for Training and Racing!

Your longest long run should occur 3-4 weeks before the race and should be at least 90% of race distance! The longer, the better so your mind and body are better prepared for the race distance. 

Experiment with your gear and nutrition before the race! Test out various options for race day clothing and accessories to make sure they feel comfortable, function well, and help you feel confident! Additionally, test out lots of different nutrition and hydration options throughout your training to help you figure out what sits best on your stomach, fuels you well, and that you like the best!